Thursday, April 16, 2009

My first giveaway!

I'm excited...and a little nervous.  Thus far I have declined to do giveaways on an etiquette blog because I don't really talk about products, however, I have talked about calling cards specifically, and so I thought, "why not, my readers would love these, I know I do!"  and so here we are...prove me right ladies!  We are doing a giveaway with Uprinting for 1,000 calling cards (or business cards if you prefer) and another giveaway for 500 brochures.  I chose Uprinting for their unique and clean approach to graphic design as well as their seemingly unparalleled customer support (you have live chat with a graphic designer whenever you need help!)  Here is a quick calling card that I designed on their site that I love!
The rules are as follows: 

  • Leave a comment telling us what you would use the free printing for
  • You can choose from any of their stock items
  • Winners in the US and Canada qualify for free shipping.  Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas.
Good luck to everyone.  I like random number generators, but I may just surprise everyone and pick the most unique comments as the winners!  We'll end the giveaway in a week, seven days from today!


Bethany said...

These would be great for a person who teaches.
In that way our students could reach us.
It would not be hard,
I'd just give them a card,
And they'd call me sweetly as peaches.

Ok, so my limerick wasn't the greatest,
But at least it wasn't the latest.
I'd choose calling cards.
The decision's not hard.
Now let's see what my fate is!

TUWABVB said...

I would love the calling cards! I work from home now and have no means of giving contact information. I'd love to have something to hand to people (especially since I need to make new friends in a new city).

MMM X 2 said...

I am just beginning a business adventure that combines my love of children with my talent as a painter. My MiniTreasures are handpainted customized Birth Announcements on canvas for tiny ones and aprons for toddlers and older. Since each item is customized for the recipient, I would love to have a calling card to attach to the gifts when shipped out, so that my customers can return and bless other children with a gift made just for them!

Mandy Minitello (MiniTreasures)

Ginny said...

I would use it to make a calling card for myself. Being a mom, I am always needing to give out my phone number, etc.

Jen said...

I am a stay at home mom and a hairstylist. I would love to have these cards to hand out to people that I meet when I'm out and about.

Lauren said...

I love the idea of calling cards. I would give them to friends and new acquaintances. They are cute and they're bringing back an old forgotten tradition! thanks!

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

What a darling one you created! I would love to include these with a photo of our new baby for an announcement! xoxo

Catalog Printing | said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing this!

maryadams said...

I would definitely use these for calling cards. I've been toying with the idea of designing a calling card for a long time, but as my husband is in school we are cash strapped so thus far I have resisted.

augustvows said...

I would love calling cards! I would have them printed with my new married name for August... how exciting would that be?

(by the way, I'm also doing my first blog giveaway this week if you're interested in a pretty little book!)

Emily Jonas said...

I'm trying to start a photography business, so I can make enough money to get a ticket to send my husband back to Australia to see the people he loved and served as a present for his 30th birthday. He served mission there for the LDS church. It will great to have cute business cards or brochures to help me to start my business.

But please keep it quite, because he has no clue what I am trying to do. Thank you!

Laurel Plum said...

I need several cards printed. Business cards and cards exclusive to promote my website. But there is something about my path that is always putting me near tons of people that could use a little help in some way but would not dare ask. The majority of the time it is help I could easily offer or a source I could connect them with. I always give that line, "Call me if you need anything" and my number, but I think a lot of times it does come off as a line they may have heard before. I try to follow up and have gotten to know some well enough that they may take me up on it (what a blessing to me, too!), but only a few. I have been thinking of having calling cards made that simple say "I mean it. Call me." with my info. I thought they would be whimsical for everyday encounters, but the meaning would be so much more for those special connections. It would be interesting to try.

Great giveaway! And since I am normally a lurker, I'll take the opp to tell you how much I adore your site. When we were five our Grandmother gave each of the girls a huge Vanderbilt book of Etiquette. We were obviously too young to use them, then later it became an inside joke. But as an adult, it has been a priceless reference. Your site is a daily reminder of those lessons with up to date practices. Thank you.

Celeste said...

I would actually love to use this as a gift for my mom for Mother's Day! She is a teacher, and this would great for her to have her name/school phone #/email address to give to the parents of her students!!

contact me at:

heather said...

Hooray!! Calling cards always seem like a great idea, but have yet to do them. Maybe now is the time!!

pestkaj said...

I am a freelance writer, but so far I haven't had cards done up. I would use the cards for my writing etc.


wendy said...

I would use this to promote my blog.

madamerkf at aol dot com

Liz said...

I love your cards, they are elegant yet simple.

I would use the cards for the business my husband is starting. My husband doesn't love his current job, but he keeps it because it allows me to be a stay-at-home mom. I really want this new venture of his to work so he can be happy with what he does for a living. Creating a business can be expensive and every little bit helps, right?

Tanyetta said...

I would LOVE the calling cards. Beats writing my number on the back of a napkin or anywhere that I'll lose it in the next minute!

Rachel said...

I would love some business cards! I currently have run out of business cards and could really use some! All of the different designs look really fun to choose from! Thanks again for all your work you put into the pink teapot! said...

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