Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drum roll please...

I used the random number generator this morning to choose my winners and I apologize for the automated post this morning, I was supposed to have filled it in, but I was waiting until the last second to allow more comments and then got tangled with life.  I'm so sorry!

Thank you to all of you who participated in our was so fun to read all of your comments!  I loved knowing how different all of your uses would be and how creative you could get using a business card...who knew!  The winner of the 1000 free business cards (to be chosen by the winner) with free shipping is Laurel Plum who said, "I need several cards printed. Business cards and cards exclusive to promote my website. But there is something about my path that is always putting me near tons of people that could use a little help in some way but would not dare ask. The majority of the time it is help I could easily offer or a source I could connect them with. I always give that line, "Call me if you need anything" and my number, but I think a lot of times it does come off as a line they may have heard before. I try to follow up and have gotten to know some well enough that they may take me up on it (what a blessing to me, too!), but only a few. I have been thinking of having calling cards made that simple say "I mean it. Call me." with my info. I thought they would be whimsical for everyday encounters, but the meaning would be so much more for those special connections. It would be interesting to try.

Great giveaway! And since I am normally a lurker, I'll take the opp to tell you how much I adore your site. When we were five our Grandmother gave each of the girls a huge Vanderbilt book of Etiquette. We were obviously too young to use them, then later it became an inside joke. But as an adult, it has been a priceless reference. Your site is a daily reminder of those lessons with up to date practices. Thank you." 
Congratulations Laurel!

The winner of 500 free brochures is Jennifer Young who said, "What a darling one you created! I would love to include these with a photo of our new baby for an announcement! xoxo".  Congradulations Jennifer!  

Thank you to everyone again, it was a fun "experiment" for The Pink Teapot to perform and I look forward always to what the future holds!  Look for my post tomorrow, it's Fancy Friday...and a good read!


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Who's the winner?