Friday, April 24, 2009

Fancy Friday-lesson I learned

I appreciate all my readers being patient with me as I tried my hand at a giveaway.  I have been approached (attacked actually) by a gaggle of businesses wanting to do advertising on my blog, giveaways, etc.  I have been hesitant and have not known how to handle this; not because of a lack of business sense, but because I'm dealing with an etiquette blog, not a blog I chose to create for financial gain.

I was amazed to see (through site analytics) that my readers did in fact respond to the giveaway and came to my blog to see what all the fuss was about (the first two days), but not a lot of people were either excited about what I was giving away (understandable, it's a practical item, not a pedicure), or interested (because it's not why they come here in the first place).  

So I put it to you.  Yes, I got some responses.  But my readership is quite large, I expected well over 300 comments easily for this giveaway, if not more and I felt like that was a fair estimate.  I have over that come to my blog every day.  I had a hand full of people leave comments so...was it what I gave away or was it the fact that The Pink Teapot, an Etiquette Blog, threw it's readership for a loop and gave away something. 

I realize more and more as I get private emails every day that I have a readership who likes to ask me questions privately, like a private "Dear Abbie for etiquette" type thing, so I don't expect that I will get 100 comments about this either, but I have anonymous comments ladies (and gentlemen) for a reason, or you can email me as you always do!  Be honest, tell me your opinion.  I write this blog for you, my readers.  I always want to improve upon what I'm doing here and make this blog what you want to come and read several times a week (when I'm doing a good job keeping on top of writing).

Happy Friday everybody!


genevieve said...

I loved the idea of a giveaway, but when I saw what you were giving, I lost interest. I can't speak for everyone, but I would doubt a whole lot of us have our own businesses that would necessitate our own cards (I have mine through work). Also, the calling-card idea, though perhaps charming to an etiquette expert, in my circle of friends would bring about a raised-eyebrow response, whispers of snobbery, and would end up in the recycle bin.

Janine said...

I appreciate your candor, and I agree that not everyone would understand a "calling card". Simply put, it was meant for the person who doesn't have a "job" per se, but who would like to give someone a card with information about them so that contact is established. I think the idea was lost on a lot of people, and perhaps lost on this century!

Chablis said...

Hmmm, I am a party pooper and don't usually enter in giveaways. To be completely honest, I don't know why. Part of my says it's not worth the time because I won't win anyway...part of my thinks that if I did win, I don't deserve it. Wierd huh?

Sorry you didn't get the response you hoped for. I'll be sure to try and make more of an effort on the next giveaway. You should try one more and see how it goes before you write them off completely.

Penelope said...

I thought the "give-away" was neat and was looking forward to winning...hee hee. Well, don't give up maybe it's just not everyone's cup of tea.

Rochelle said...

I loved your giveaway idea but didn't submit my name for it for two reasons:

1) While the prize sounded great; I only have a very minimal side business and not a really good use or excuse for this item. I thought I should save it for someone really needing it/wanting it.

2) I never win at these blog giveaways and if I entered every one that I came across, that's all I'd be doing every moment of the day. So... I have to pick what seems worthy of my time. This just wasn't one that was fitting for me, but that's no reason not to giveaway something else! :)

So I hope this helps encourage you. I certainly felt the same way when I gave something away recently and it fell so flat I couldn't give it to a SINGLE person! Doh! Alas, it's always trial and error, that's the way it goes... hope you do it again and have better results. :)


Nicol said...

I truly enjoy your blog and I have commented several times. I like giveaways, but for this last one it was simply not something that I could use at this time (I recently purchased new cards).

Just like the calling cards, keep the giveaways and product reviews with what your blog is about.

Andrea said...

I would love to participate in future giveaways, but already have my own business cards, so didn't really need to enter this one.

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

I love free stuff and especially if I am the winner winner chicken dinner! I think that the product is something that people don't use nowadays and this is a great way to call attention to it and let us younger gals know that it is very chic and can be utilized in today's society! xo