Monday, July 21, 2008

Calling all Cards!

Communication etiquette and manners will be the primary subject this week. I'd love to start by talking about Calling Cards.

When my partner and I started Vintage H
em, I had business cards that I passed along to associates and people with whom I came in contact regarding the business. I remember at one point thinking that it would be so nice to have "personal business cards" that I could not only give out at my discretion, but that I could leave on a friend's door with a note on the back so that they knew I had come by....A Calling Card.

The custom of calling cards began in France in the early 1800's. It quickly spread throughout Europe and became vastly popular in the United States. Calling cards were carried by "well-to-do" ladies who made a point to go calling on friends and family on a specified day of the week or month, depending on their location and proximity to their neighbors. They are also known as "visiting cards".

We can use these cards as we "bump" into old friends. Just the other day I saw a friend whom I haven't seen in twelve years. I quickly jotted down their information so we might get a hold of them, but it would have been much more convenient and less awkward for both of us if I had handed him my "calling card".

I think these cards can help us keep in better touch with each other, relieve some "odd" moments and situations, and let others know that we care by leaving something at their door if they weren't home.

Here is a link for a "Calling Card Ring" where there are several sites that sell calling cards of various types and the card pictured above is from Brooklyn Social Cards.


Comeaus said...

I have a business card with my email and personal phone # on it, is it inappropriate to give those out to a mom at the park that I would like to get together with again? I love the idea of a calling card to leave when you find someone not at home.

Janine said...

Business cards that have "business" information on them should not be used for social purposes...but if you have created a "business" type card with the intent of handing them out to personal acquaintances, that is appropriate. If you have a business card that has both personal and professional information on it, I would suggest either getting two kinds of cards OR explaining when you hand out your business cards that they are all you have to give at the moment, but "here" is where "you can reach me for a play date...". Love the questions! I hope that helps.