Friday, July 18, 2008

You're never fully dressed with out a smile...and an apron!

Entertaining is this weeks "theme" and in staying true to that, I'm talking about aprons today. I am a "collector" of aprons, here are a couple that I own:

The cherry apron is from Jessie Steele and the black polka dot apron is from Heavenly Hostess. I have loved wearing them both! It's a throwback to the 40's and 50' it.

The great thing about dressier aprons is that they can transfer to the dinner table beautifully. For everyday wear, when we need to actually "wipe" things on our aprons, I love William Sonoma (who doesn't). Their aprons for adults and children wash well and take a pretty good beating. I buy two at a time and that way, when one is looking shabby, I have a back up ready to go...I guess I'm a little hard on my aprons. I stumbled across The Apronista and I love all her posts...check her out.

On a side note: I realize that on a blog about manners and etiquette, you might be prone to read and not comment, so I'm going to try and pose questions at the end of each post to get some discussion going because I can see I have visitors, and I have emails coming to me where people are saying it's a bit intimidating to comment on these particular subjects. I agree, these subjects can seem intimidating, let's get some discussion going!

For today: Which apron would you rather use, a half apron or a full? Would you sacrifice cuteness for functionality? That black apron for example has to be dry cleaned, not very practical, right? What's in your kitchen?


Linda said...

I'd go for cutest over function but would draw the line on dry cleanable only - too cheep! Hey the Jessie Steele apron is the one I gave you! Glad you like it!

Linda said...

I would take cute over function, probably drawing the line on anything that needs to be dry cleaned - I'm too cheep! Hey! The Jessie Steele apron is the one I gave you! Glad to know you love it! The other one looks fun for a dinner party!

Stephanie said...

Who says you can't have both cute and function? It's all about cute patterned fabric... It has to be a full apron for me!

Janine said...

I'll have to agree with you on the "full apron" at least if I want it to do it's "job". If I'm dressing up, it's one apron for cooking, change clothes, then the "cute" apron!