Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Noises in the restroom!

The worst thing about this post is that it was actually inspired by experience!  

I was washing my hands before dinner at one of our favorite restaurants the other night and the most horrendous noises were coming from the stall.  Now, I realize this is a restroom, but I believe that talking to yourself is not necessary.  I can't explain, I don't have the audio clip, so we'll just leave it at that.  Let's do the run down of things we should never do and things we should always do in the restroom:

  1. Leave without washing our hands thoroughly.  I say thoroughly because I have seen too many times women get their hands wet, get soap, rinse the non-lathered soap off and dry their hands...what good does that serve?  none.  25 seconds of lathering hand washing in warm to hot water to kill germs ladies.
  2. Talk on your cell phone while in the stall.  This is wrong on so many levels I won't even take the time to explain why...if you do it, stop it...and for those of us who are privy to those conversations, we should all make those "noises" so those women are horribly embarrassed!  (just joking...mostly).
  3. Seat protectors-use them!  They are not only there for your protection, but for the person after you as well.  Let's face it, it's not the most sanitary place in the world, so save yourself and the person after you some trouble by taking an extra 15 seconds to use the seat protector.  
  4. Be aware.  I have been asked for toilet paper under a stall door before and been more than happy to give it....what is our alternative ladies if there is NO paper product in the stall.  I agree if there is an alternative, use it, but otherwise, you may ask because the alternative is horribly unpleasant!
  5. Wait your turn.  If there is a line, make sure you pay attention to who was just in front of you and who was just behind you so that you know exactly where you are in line in order to help others feel at ease.  
  6. Use a paper towel at the door to help yourself out.  I have seen more and more at restaurants that they use a waste receptacle at the door so that we may throw away our last paper towel after we've used it to open the door...the reason?  refer to rule # 1!
  7. Keep noises and talking to a minimum.  We have all day to talk and most things are not so crucial that they can't wait until we are out of the bathroom stall.  Of course we have bodies and our bodies are not perfect, nor am I suggesting that they should be or that we should cause ourselves pain and discomfort, but elective talking and such can and should be avoided while in the bathroom stall.
  8. If it is a single restroom and the door is locked when you try, leave it and wait.  The worst thing I've had happen to me is when someone repeatedly tries (like 6 or 7 times in 30 seconds) to open the door.  Now I understand that everyone must use the restroom but this doesn't make it any easier for the person occupying the restroom...and in fact it may take them longer because of the induced anxiety...so try once and leave it!  If you simply cannot wait..the men's room usually has a much faster turn around and it's acceptable in that situation to use the men's room and in fact more restaurants should have signs that show the women's room and then the mens/women's room for the women's comfort (in my opinion).
I'd love to hear your pet peeves as well and other suggestions that I may have left out...these are all things (unfortunately) that I've dealt with personally and I'm happy that my misfortune has led to this post!  Good luck in the restroom jungle!


Lisa said...

I love the advice on using a paper towel to leave the public restroom...been doing that for years...why don't they put the trash bin by the door, instead of us trying for a 3 point shot each time?

Washing our hands is key to getting rid of germs.

OK...so maybe talking on our cell phones while in the restroom is wrong on many levels...but if we must there is a product out there to help...
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They even leave a fresh green tea cucumber scent.

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Heather said...

*VERY* well said! Thank you!