Monday, July 30, 2012

Cell phone manners

I wasn't aware (shamefully) that July among other things, is National Cell Phone Courtesy month.  Who knew?  KSL did their homework and was aware of this and asked me to pop on to their morning show to talk about using our manners with cell phone in hand (or sometimes not in hand).

Here is the link to the video interview which is a lot simpler sometimes than reading my lengthy posts.  I tend to impart a lot of information when I get excited about topics and TV is a good way for me to trim down the 'fat' if you will.

I hope you enjoy and I am enjoying the Summer with my family and seem to always be a little more inconsistent than usual in posting during the Summer months.  Forgive me, follow me on Twitter (140 characters is a good way for me to get the point across quickly), and Like my Facebook page (I update that often as well).  I love the blog and the soap box format it gives me to express my opinions, but with the segment on Studio 5 (a lot of links huh today huh), Facebook, Twitter, and last but certainly not least- my cute family; I get inundated with technology and sometimes have to take a break.

Here's to hoping you enjoy your Summer as well.  Off I go to lounge by the pool and pretend that my laundry doesn't need to be done!

P.S.  thought this pic was hilarious!!  Don't we all wish that some people would get into their own private "cell phone booth" once in a while?  TMI!

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