Friday, March 16, 2012

Love letter to Pinterest-Fancy Friday

In jest the other day I wrote a small love letter to Pinterest on my Facebook page that was intended purely for my enjoyment.  I was 'invited' to Pinterest several months ago, accepted the invitation, then had no idea how on earth to use I left it alone.  After one of our regular extended family functions, my sis-in-law was kind enough to offer up a tutorial since I had expressed my frustration with this site I didn't understand but wanted to.  She bounced into the computer room and began the tour of Pinterest.  It was overwhelming at first and I didn't fully understand what she was saying to me.  She kept telling me, "you'll get it the more you try it".  I just nodded my head and smiled...assured that I would, in fact, figure it out the way I've figured out computers, cell phones, social media, blogging, cooking...oh let's see...just about everything I do...all by myself, in due time...and enough to get by.

Well, I did figure it out, perhaps a little too well.  I find myself looking at my mobile app when I'm waiting for kids in the car, waiting in line, waiting in offices, waiting for meetings to start, waiting, waiting, waiting.  I have found, however that I do need to remember that some of this waiting time used to be "thinking" time.  Thinking time?  I don't know if I know exactly what that is anymore...but I am trying to reacquaint myself with the notion.

Long story whole point is that Pinterest has an Etiquette section.  It's simple and clean, just like their premise, I like that.  It's here if you would like to check it out.  I did and I appreciate what they had to say.  I never mind reading etiquette rules or suggestions anywhere.  I can always learn.

By the by...if you're interested- my love letter is below.

My two cents.

Dear Pinterest,

Even though I love you and my feelings for you grow stronger every time I see you, I feel that you are trying to monopolize my time. I'm just not okay with that. You don't respect that I have other things I want to get make the cute crafts I see you flaunting or cook the yummy food you tease me with. I feel like our love affair has been such a whirlwind, Rachel introduces us, we go out on our first date, explore the world, peruse cuisine of all types, even pick out decor for our dream home. I will discuss it with my husband Pinterest...but I don't know if there is room in this relationship for all three of us- one of you two has to go...the question is...

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