Thursday, March 15, 2012

Higher education

I feel that in my position as a full time mom-chauffeur-chef-maid-nurse-farmer-psychologist-lover-blogger-business partner-sister-daughter-friend, I have little time to enrich my formal education.  I usurp information where I can ( when the words are too big) and that's about it.

I also enjoy the hundreds (literally) of emails that flood my inbox every day from various websites begging me to enjoy their last day of 30% off or letting me know how excited I should be to purchase a product I don't need for an exorbitant price and then get another product I don't need for free...makes sense (not! but I do it anyway sometimes...).  Among this sea of emails that I swim through every morning (mostly looking for human interaction from you), I look for one of my favorite daily snippets from LearnVest (small side note...not completely relevant but important I feel for me to let you know that I don't ever get paid for anything on this all my links are just because I say so).  I love getting this daily newsletter because I can sign up for fun things like Princess Boot Camp (to kick my butt into gear and help me lose some of my negative shopping habits) and also learn about some of the dumb things I do with my $$.

The point today is that I'm sharing an article that I very much appreciated from them and I particularly enjoy the way in which they convey their information.  They are cheeky, accessible, and informational all in one website- fabulous!  This article is 10 Social Medial Blunders That Will Hurt Your Career.  I don't think anyone is immune to making mistakes so even if your career is like mine, take a few to read this and other articles, or better yet, sign up for their newsletter.  My wise hubby pretty perfectly already follows their advice...if only I did!

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