Monday, March 12, 2012

Come on baby...

I am SO that person who when I see a post on Facebook that has the beginning of a song title in it, I immediately begin singing the rest of the song (in my head and car).  So as you can imagine, when I wrote the title to this post, all I could think of afterward was "...light my fire!"  So annoying sometimes that I can't remember what happened two weeks ago on Tuesday but I can remember all the verses to most of the hymns and countless lyrics to songs.  Useless most of the time but I guess it comes in handy when trying to think of titles for posts on my blog.

Anywho...Cord and I decided to jump outside our box and have an adventure.  We attended an educational dinner (initially I thought it was going to be more of a dinner club) at Communal (the most charming, funky, amazing, yummy restaurant) in Provo for those of you who live in Utah- it's a sustainable, environmentally conscience restaurant with up and coming chefs and thoughtful fresh dishes prepared in full or half courses in a quaint environment.  A must try for any date, ladies night, or meeting.

Wow I'm taking a long time to get to my point.  As we sat down for dinner, we had the opportunity to sit across the table from some amazing ladies and chat while we enjoyed our meal.  As we chatted I was reminded of the reason I wrote this blog in the first place.  We discussed why I started an etiquette blog and how I "knew so much about etiquette" which I still don't claim to be an expert at by any means.

It was refreshing to discuss this topic (among others) with strangers, listen to their opinions, and laugh over a good dinner.  As our ice cream melted atop our apple crustada, I reminisced about earlier days of publishing posts almost daily and how excited I was to get up in the morning to write to readers.  Although I do believe there are times and seasons for all things, and I know this is not my season for daily posts, I do believe I still have valuable information to share.  I will make an effort to pour out my knowledge onto these digital pages and share what I think could be valuable.  I continue to enjoy the interaction I have with you via FB, Twitter, Pinterest (oh my, that's fun!) and especially via email.  Thank you for your loyalty.

That's my two cents.

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