Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The new world

I have been reading blogs and articles about manners and etiquette (which are not the same thing: manners being a way we act in order to help those around us feel more comfortable and etiquette being a specific code of conduct that may change over time but that is more specific and formal i.e. how to greet the queen, etc).  It's been fascinating to glean different points of view on the subject and I came across an article that originated from a radio show produced in San Fran.  I found it particularly refreshing and pertinent in our society as well as easy to put into practice.  It's an easy read.

Perhaps the rules of etiquette will and do change as time goes on and society adapts, but having good manners and helping those around us feel comfortable doesn't.  Having grace is always in style.

My two cents.

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