Friday, April 1, 2011

Fancy Friday- the letters b and d

I don't want everyone thinking that this is Sesame Street and that we are going to sponsor the number 4 next.  I just had to tell you that something came back to me this last week and I thought that was Fancy!  I do classes or seminars that are geared toward the youth in helping them be better at dating with manners, dining with manners, and using technology with manners.  It's usually done in a dinner style and it's worked very well in the past.  The last occasion on which I had an opportunity to present my class, there were some adults there and it just so happened that a few of them owned their own businesses (successful ones at that).  I taught the class- geared at the youth- but I always hope that whatever I teach will benefit whomever attends.

About a week ago, one of those adults who also happened to be a business owner, came up to me and said, "hey, I used that 'B' and 'D' thing you taught us"- I was excited that he had occasion to use it and now I will explain it, as I have before here:

It is simply that your Bread plate will always be on your left as your left hand makes a 'b' and your Drink will always be on your right as your right hand makes a 'd'.  It's a simple trick to distinguish your drink or bread plate from that of the person sitting next to you, especially in a round table setting, or a long dining table like this:

I hope you find this refresher helpful and not too fancy.  I've found it helpful in many situations and it was so fantastic to hear back that the trick worked for someone else as well.

That's my two cents.

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