Friday, March 25, 2011

Fancy Friday: ...Oh Thank You!

There are not many things that make my day more (unless my tulips would hurry up and bloom)- than a hand-written note in the mail...addressed just to me!  Through all technology's changes tweets, twoits (sounds dirty), FB messages, email, whatever, I have to say, I love a hand-written note best.  I talk about all kinds of correspondence here in another post and how important "Thank you" is to me in this post, but I'd like to talk a little bit about sitting down and taking the time to actually do it.

Like most people, my mail consists of bills that I've already signed up to have emailed to me, lots of ads for the week telling me how cheap that "leather" couch is, and my Netflix (because my hubby is a stickler for getting those back and getting his 7.99 worth every month).  My mail carrier is kind enough to always put the exciting stuff on top.  He will always put hand written correspondence on the top of my pile making my trip to the mailbox soooo much more exciting (even though it's really DH who gets the mail because I loose half of it when I get distracted by the new Pottery Barn magazine).

My long, drawn out point is, this isn't fancy or difficult, it doesn't require extra funds or being part of the upper class, anyone can write a thank you note, and that is classy in my book.

  • Thank someone for a wonderful lunch the other day, tell them how much fun you had chatting with them and you hope you can do it again soon.
  • Let somebody know how much fun you had seeing them while visiting (insert city, state, country) on business or pleasure and you appreciated their hospitality while you did (insert something nice).
  • Say thank you for a birthday gift that was dropped off to your house, because someone took the time to remember you on your special day.
  • Send thank you notes for Christmas presents, letting that person know (or all those people know) how much you LOVE that tie!
  • Write a note thanking your DH for the flowers he brought you home when you were having a bad day, and leave it taped on the mirror with a lipstick kiss next to it.
There are endless possibilities and reasons to write a note of gratitude, it's just a matter of sitting down and recognizing what we are grateful for and who has touched our lives this week.  It's never too late to write a note, although general etiquette says you have one year from your wedding to write a Thank You for your gift, I say three months is the max- after that we've all forgotten what we've done (wedding would be the exception).  

Let me say one more thing- something is always better than nothing.  If you can only text, tweet, or FB a  "Thank you" then so be it, I'm not going to come bonk you on the head with my etiquette wand.  acknowledgment is always better than leaving something unsaid.  So if you really can't sit down and write it out, use the blessing of technology and say it somehow.

Have a fabulous weekend- Those are my two cents!

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Julie said...

I literally laughed out loud at how you won't come bonk us on the head with your etiquette wand. That was too funny! THANK YOU for a lovely post! : )