Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where have I been??

Is the question I was asked the other day (via email)- "come back"-they said.  I have been getting sweet emails and Facebook messages from Pink Teapot lovers (and lurkers) for the past couple of months and I'm finally doing something about it...talking about it (insert smiley emoticon).  

No seriously, I've been asleep on the job (as this Saturday Evening Post so beautifully is named and depicted by Norman Rockwell).   I've neglected the blog for this long, but I get wrapped up in my little world and forget that I have this fantastic creative outlet for something that I am passionate about on a daily basis- that is a true shame!  

I think it would be fun to do some...vlogging, is it?  Video blogging.  I really enjoy the ease of setting up my Apple with Photo booth maybe or iMovie and just going to town.  I could get several subjects talked about in one session and it would bring something new to the blog (for those of you who don't watch those clips of me on TV).  

What do you think?  (hint...this is the part where you give me your feedback so I might make an informed decision).  


1 comment:

Becky said...

It would be fun to ask for readers' questions and answer them (in a 15 minute segment depending on how many questions.) One blog I follow does this the first Friday of every month. Not that I have any questions to ask... well, maybe I could think up a couple!