Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pardon me

I'm not straying from the Holiday series here, just veering a little to the left to share a story. It's not very often that I share etiquette faux pas you understand and never about those whom I am in contact with on any kind of normal basis, but every once in a great while someone will surprise me- especially during the Holidays.

As many of you know, we live in Utah.  We had taken our children up to what is called Temple Square.  It's the Mormon Temple grounds and during Christmas time it is turned into a winter wonderland where everything that will hold still is adorned with lights and it's simply magical.  There is a manger scene that goes through the birth story of Christ (life size) and many other wonderful things to see- so if you ever get the chance, it's something you must check out for sure!

Anyway, we took our children up to see the lights but first we went to a lovely dinner at a restaurant called The Roof (which is on the roof of the building next door) and you can see all the lights of Temple Square.  It's a very nice restaurant and so we had quizzed our children and prepared them on how to use their best manners so that they might enjoy such a privilege, but it's also a buffet.  I stood in line for the main course with my nine y.o. who was the last one to be served and as we were about to get our main course, a gentleman walked in front of us (mind you there was a long line behind us) and said, "oh, I'm just going to grab some of this" and opened one of the dishes and helped himself.  I smiled at my daughter embarrassed for the man and what else could I do, get out my etiquette police hat and write him a ticket?  Then he proceeded to to the same thing to several other people (as there were 8-10 main courses and he chose them all-not just one). I was shocked!  I couldn't believe that someone had been raised with such poor manners.  I wanted so badly to give him my business card, and if that hadn't been poor manners, I would have.

I guess people like him give me a reason to write, but it always seems worse during the Holidays because people are in such a hurry.  The irony is that I believe (other than naysayers, most of the people who read this blog love it and agree with it and have impeccable manners and are in the occasional quandary themselves.

Happy Holidays!  I'm going to continue to try and write in the next few days.  Love getting your emails as always- loved the one about food and guests the other day- I haven't forgotten about you...just busy.  xoxo

My two cents!


lorrwill said...

Please come back. I love your blog. I know I don't post very often but I do lurk.

Janine said...

I love that I'm missed. Truly I have struggled with the 'balance' of it all- there is never a shortage of stories to tell, especially when I get my etiquette police helmet on, but sometimes I feel like you all have heard it before. It's nice to know that even though I'm repeating myself, people like to read what I'm writing; and my numbers justify that. I will come back, by golly! I just needed that little plea, and I get email encouragements sometimes too- but it always helps to have new things to talk about and sometimes I feel like there are just so many topics, ya know?