Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Studio 5- again...lucky me!

(Studio 5 has not- and I have not labeled myself an "expert", it's just a fun graphic)

I had a blast going on Studio 5 last week and talking about play date etiquette. I got to choose some viewer emails and answer them and I enjoyed that. Check it out here.


A.M.W. said...

That was a great segment! I love the snack bin idea!! Well...all of it! Thank you for the ideas. My son is only two and I look forward to play dates in the near future!

Jessica said...

Hello - you did a wonderful job on the show. I did have one comment about your response to, "always have your children attend with money." Very sage advice. But shouldn't the hosting family also keep in mind that if they have invited their child's friend to join their family at dinner out at a restaurant, the friend is their guest and the family should expect to pay for the entire party's meal. Part of good manners is to make those around you feel welcome. Sticking your guest with a separate bill, or asking them to "chip in" seems to run counter to that basic notion that they are a welcome and included part of your dinner party.

If the family cannot afford to pay for the guest, maybe they should not invite them out to dinner, or invite them out but select a more reasonably priced restaurant or should invite the guest to dinner at the family's home which is likely more economical.

Janine said...

Dear Jessica,

What an excellent point you make. During my segment, I thought it important to approach that question from one side rather than both because of time, but you are exactly right, manners are about making others feel comfortable and how can one feel comfortable when they are asked to pay separately for their own bill? It is very wise for anyone who is doing the inviting to plan ahead and be prepared.

Thank you for bringing that point up in your comment and thank you for your kind words.