Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some phone tips

As I've had many readers email me about different kinds of phone etiquette, I thought I'd tackle one area in particular today.

I was teaching an etiquette class to the most adorable group of 8 year olds the other day and we talked about how to answer the phone. They giggled as I acted out holding the phone three inches away from my head as I screamed for the person who was to answer the pretend phone call- ahh, but how true it is that this happens in my house (much to my disappointment every time).

I've discussed childrens manners before and included a section on phone manners, but I'm going to extend this to the adults as well. These seem like common sense, but I often need reminders about these things to keep me on the right track where this seemingly small area is concerned. The phone can often be your first introduction to people whether in business or personal life, so it's important to make a good first impression:
  1. Speak slowly when giving your phone number and name on a voicemail. Make sure you spell anything that may be misheard. Leave your phone number at the beginning of your voicemail and say it twice- the person listening may want to quickly return your phone call without listening to a lengthy message.
  2. Listen more than you speak.
  3. Always remember your please and thank you's!


Wanda Mae said...

great post! Also, a great reminder.

skys jeans said...

I can remember my Mother listening to me on the phone one day. I was asking my friends Mother to put her (the daughter/my friend) on the phone. MY Mom just about slapped the receiver right out of my hand because she couldn't believe how rude I had sounded!! Although my Mother could have had a lighter touch, it's a lesson I remember to this day. Having great phone manners is important!! I wonder how I will parent on polite texts and e-mails!?!! :)