Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The (not-so-friendly) skies...

So my etiquette nightmare for a "relaxing" weekend unfolded as follows:

I leave for my little weekend getaway in a chipper mood, so excited for a little R & R, the plane ride is pleasant, the person sitting next to me even switches isle seats so that the three of us can sit together, very kind of her (thank you again). As the plane comes to a full and complete stop and the captain has turned off the fastened seatbelt sign, I get up and stretch my legs a little (still not able to stand up straight, but it's better than nothing). I notice the rush of poeple from nowhere crowding into the isles. Where did they come from? Certainly not from in front of me....ahah! they came from behind me; but I'm sure they will let me out first since we're all ready to go, bags in hand, standing up- but oh no, it was a rush as always to cut people off. I was appaulled at people's behavior (and I fly pretty frequently- I was still shocked)!

Okay, so it gets better. When we're ready to board going back we're at the beginning to board the plane. Now ask yourself this, are you one of those people who stands right in front of the gate even though you're Zone 7? If so, stop it! that's what was happening here, I had a wall of people in front of me, and I was trying to board. A lady comes up on the left of me and yells to her family behind her, "Dad, this isn't the line, come up here, none of those people are in line"....I was in line, and there were about 20 of us in line waiting to board and they all made sure she knew that they were waiting in line ahead of her to board. Then when I went to step around the "wall" and politely (as I could muster) I said, "you might want to step aside so that others can board" and the man standing with his wife and others said, "they can go around". Wow- I could have written up so many tickets for bad behavior this weekend.

So my conclusions are: if there are people ahead of you, try and wait your turn. Getting on the plane, I understand we all want room for our carry ons, but if you're the last zone to board, there's not much you can do about it. If you're in a rush to get off the plane because you have a connection to catch, just say so- politely try and excuse yourself (good luck) past the solid line of people in the isles, I'm always letting those people hurry and go because I know it's pertinent that they catch the other flight. I guess the bottom line is courtesy....plain ol' common courtesy.


Julie said...

TJ and I think that people just plain lose their minds at the airport. They simply don't think clearly! Also, its good to remember that most people at the airport don't fly a lot. So maybe its just that they just don't know! Combine the ignorance with the foggy thinking and its a recipe for disaster!

Jan said...

I have flown a lot both in Australia, the US and Canada as well as around Malaysia, Thailand and Papua New Guinea. I absolutely dislike flying now (I think I'm cured for life) mainly through people's bad manners and inconsiderate behaviour. Mind you I have met some lovely people too but I've seen too much "me first" behaviour which has spoilt many journeys for me.

The funny thing is when you all meet up again at the luggage carousel; all waiting for your luggage. You often end up standing right next to the person who trod on your heels or hit you with their overhead luggage in their rush to disembark.

OK, so these 'bright sparks' may not have flown much but I bet the majority of them have otherwise why would one of the big selling perks of flying first class be one of the first to get off an aeroplane?

Anyway, now I always ask for a window seat which has the added advantage of a view and being able to sit and wait while the herd leaves.

Manners~ I found some of the most polite people in some of the least expected places. PNG was one of the politest places I have visited and the other wonderful place was Thailand and Malaysia.

Australia is largely still pretty well mannered and those who aren't soon get pulled up for bad behaviour.

Heather said...

Good post! I don't fly often but I have been very disgruntled lately at grocery stores. When trying to navigate my big, toddler occupied shopping cart I've had so many people cut in front of me, block aisles, cross right in front of me without even a LOOK that says "excuse me". This is a pet peeve of mine as well and so many people these days just seem so absent minded. They'll mingle with friends chatting in the middle of a doorway or a sidewalk - and here I come trying to get through with my stroller and I stand waiting - assuming someone will notice me and move and apologize. But no. Most times, unfortunately usually I have to speak up and say "Pardon me! Can I get through?" As if I'M the one who needs excusing.

Sigh... you've gotten me worked up!

Jenny said...

A lovely list. Thanks for the great reminder :)
--A fan of your blog, Jenny