Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where are my headphones?

I am getting ready to travel this morning and I was thinking about airplane manners (etiquette). I'm going to do some thinking about this topic as I travel today and see what I can come up with. What are your thoughts on people talking to you while sitting next to you on the plane? What about security lines and people who are rude in line, flight attendants and their manners, who has a story to share, whether negative or positive...I'm interested. I'll be using my "fancy Friday" post to share what I've learned...

Back on that soap box again: It's so funny because I get a ton of emails asking questions and making comments, but no one, or hardly anyone, I should say, leaves comments in the "comments" section. This blog is meant to be anything but intimidating, we are all learning, most of all me; and if you really are concerned, leave it as an anonymous comment. I love the emails but would never violate anyone's privacy by posting those emails as specific keep the comments and questions coming!


Liz, Casey, Acacia and Josh said...

I don't really travel a lot, but I think it is so rude of resturants in airports to charge as much as they do. You are not allowed to bring a beverage into the airport and then you get in and they charge you the shirt off you back to take a bite! I think there should be a code of ethics as it applies to companies. We do not put people in a box and then cheat them...
Really I have never sat next to anyone rude or inappropriate. General conversation, respectful of sleep or reading!

garrettmyler said...

The last time I flew I stood in 2 lines before getting in the right one, had my flight delayed which made me miss my connecting flight, and the airline lost my baggage. While many would have justified loosing their cool, complaining and whining, and being rude to airline employees, I was pretty proud of myself at staying polite and cool-headed.

I suppose manners are often ditched in the confusion and worry of potentially so many things going wrong at the airport...but nobody likes helping a grumpy (and rude) Guss.

My full experience is available at:

Have a safe flight home Janine! I enjoyed seeing you while you were here!