Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Etiquette is not...

(As outlined by Peggy Post)
  1. A set of rigid rules- Manners are ever changing as our culture changes and technology advances, however, the principles of etiquette are solid; based on making others feel more comfortable in your presence.
  2. Something for the wealthy or well-born- "No one is immune to having a life enhanced by good manners", it doesn't matter where you come from financially or geographically, we can all learn a standard of conduct in our lives.
  3. A thing of the past- Things may seem more casual today than in previous decades, but the basic principles of etiquette (see Monday's post) still hold strong today.
  4. Snobbishness- "Little violates the tenets of etiquette more than snobbery- which, more often than not, is just another name for pretentiousness. A person who looks down on others shows himself not as superior but small-the kind who's anything but respectful and considerate" She about summed it up!
I hope in my efforts to write about manners and etiquette, that I have conveyed these feelings and standards to you as my readers. I would be saddened to think that my posts sound pompous in any way, because I am learning too. I love researching and writing about these things, and I love the emails that I get daily asking me questions! Keep them coming and thank you for taking the time to read what I've written.

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