Friday, August 29, 2008

Better late than monday!

Today was a busy day and I'm a little later than usual in writing, I apologize for that. Knowing that I was going to post today made me a little more observant yesterday as I flew. Here are some things that I think we should consider:

  • We should all try to get to our seats quickly, and be respectful of the fact that there is usually a line behind us of people also trying to get to their seats.
  • I am a very social person, but when someone is reading or sleeping, the conversation should end; don't try to continue to carry on a conversation if the other person is clearly not interested.
    • It's just fine to make small conversation but you don't want to monopolize their whole flight; take cues, be observant.
  • If you have a cough or cold, or just swallow something wrong but are continuously coughing, excuse yourself to the restroom if you are able; if you cannot get up from your seat, use your elbow (crook of elbow) to cover your mouth...please!!
I think the biggest thing that I noticed yesterday is what a hurry most people are in to get their baggage. Try to look around and see if someone is behind you (if you are right by the baggage carousel) and make room...there's no fire and your bags aren't going anywhere. I do understand that people have appointments, meetings, anxious family...but as I tried to retrieve my bag yesterday, people simply would not scoot over for ten seconds so I could get my bag...that, in my opinion, is just uncalled for. Again, be observant and think of others! Have a great weekend!

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The Brockbanks said...

I love your blog! It is fun to see all the mistakes I make on a daily basis. Hope you have fun where ever you are.
Love Nan