Monday, September 1, 2008

You wanna be startin' somethin'?

Again with the songs! Oh well, I'll stop apologizing for it because it's just in my nature. I spent some time with my parents this weekend trying to help out and my sweet mother was so excited to give me my birthday presents while I was down there. She excitedly pulled out a bag and called my dad into the room while I opened my presents. My mom is big on gifts and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had strayed from her usual gift giving of jewelry (kind of) this year. She bought me a pink teapot, a small gold and pink teapot with flowers and jewels all over it, and a charm bracelet with a pink teapot charm to match! It was a Pink Teapot birthday! I thought that was so thoughtful and insightful and I want to thank my mom again for being so considerate and even taking the time to think of something so creative, I love you mom.

Since my daughter and I have birthdays two days apart, I thought I'd talk about birthdays and other celebrations this week; but for today, I just wanted to thank my parents for everything, I love you both so much.

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Penelope said...

Darling Janine,

Thank you so much for coming down this weekend and helping me. I know I would not have done so well without you.

It was such fun find finding your "Pink Teapot" goodies and I am so happy you like them.....they just look like you.

I have a word or two about flying....Not my favorite thing to do.

Remaining Civil is a challenge. Since I have a hip replacement on my right side, I always have to go through the full body search. Knowing this, I try to go directly to the search area since I know I will have to wait for "female Assistance". But, Oh no, heaven forbid that we give this 66-year old " woman in pain any special consideration like not making her wait in a two block line just to be told she now has to wait in another line to go through a full body search.

When I get my other hip replaced, I am going on a crusade for the bionic people. I know they make an exception if you are in a wheel chair, but fortunately I can walk with the assistance of a cane....and that makes me a candidate for the long lines.

Waa Waa, just had to put that out there since it's been a sore spot for going on four years now.

I look forward to reading your site and am proud to have you as my darling girl.

Love Mom