Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My top five!

Like I said yesterday, it's never too late to teach compassion or manners, but I also think that it's never too early (as soon as they can walk anyway).

Sharing and taking turns- although until children are two they have no concept that others have feelings, we can still help them "pretend share". This becomes an issue usually during their third year (when they are still two). We can teach them to trade, to ask please, and we can help distract them with another toy and let them know it's alright to share. When your children are older, if you have practiced sharing and taking turns, they will be used to this idea and it will not be a difficult thing.

Cleaning up- I cannot say my children are perfect at any of these things, but I think they have the most work to do on this one. When your children play with something at home, it's good practice to have them clean their own mess. As they get older this can translate into their cleaning up their dishes and other types of messes besides toys. When your children play at someone's home, it's good practice to have them clean up the mess they play with at their home; it shows respect for other people...especially the friend with whom they play.

The magic words- It's in my top five for sure, but I've already written about it, check the post on Monday.

Giving and accepting compliments- All children love compliments about themselves, but how often do they give compliments to others. Yesterday I was in the car with my children and my six year old said, "Mommy, you look beautiful today". This made my day and she knew's not a common occurrence, but it's always nice when they say nice things to other people. Make sure that you teach them (by example) to give sincere compliments to them and to others around will find they will follow your lead.

Chewing with our mouths closed- I know this one seems small compared to the others, but it's a pet peeve of mine, so it goes on my list. My children, from a very young age, learn to chew with their mouths closed and not to talk while their mouths are full of food. I always tell them to remember what they wanted to say until they are done chewing their food. If one must speak while still eating, cover your mouth and say, "oh, just one moment"...this happens sometimes when a person asks you a question just as you've taken a bite of food...we've all been there!

That wraps up my top five, by no means are we perfect at these things at our house, it's always a work in progress.

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Dee said...

These are great tips, I think I am doing ok with my girls so far, but every bit helps (found you via SITS)