Monday, August 18, 2008

Please and Thank you, Please and Thank you...that's what we say!

Again with the songs in my head! My kids have all learned a cute little song from their preschool teacher (same teacher) and we sing it often in our home to remind them. In honor of "back to school" I thought I'd write about basic good manners that we can teach our children. I feel that good manners are habit and upbringing, and although we can learn them at any time, I think the best time to learn anything is when we're young.

Please, Thank you, and You're welcome are all the magic "words" or phrases really. These are things that are forgotten often in every day conversation, but that we must remember to use. "You're welcome" is probably the most difficult one for me because I get used to saying things like, "Oh, no problem" or "not a big deal" when really, that's not what I should be saying.

Courtesy is something we can instill in our children by talking about things such as "gratitude" or "being grateful" and "appreciate" and bringing these attributes into your home.

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Ashley and Brett said...

I have to agree, its very easy for me to forget to say it, but am just tickled when my son says it to everyone he meets! The one person I feel like its the easiest to forget to say thank you to is your spouse. Your on a team, doing everything together... they help you get things done and then? I forget to say thank you! I think thats one of the most important people to tell them your thankful for their help.