Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A little whisper never hurt anybody!

I have to go off on one of my tangents today. I was quietly waiting for lunch today and a lady in front of me (younger than I) looked at me and then whispered something to her guy. I didn't really think anything of it, until he tried to nonchalantly look at me. He did this three or four times. Now, she could have said, "Oh look how cute her dress is", but the fact remains that whispering behind your hand (or at all for that matter) is rude. In keeping with the week's theme, we should teach our children that this can be hurtful to others and it should be avoided always. It didn't matter what they were saying because I have learned not to plug things into myself, so even if they were saying, "look at her big zit" it wouldn't matter...but this is not always the case and what I should have done, but didn't, was look right at them (because I knew what they were doing) and smiled really big...maybe I'll get the courage to do that next time. Make sure that none of you are involved in a "next time".

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