Sunday, January 13, 2013

Enough PC bull already!

I grew up in a place (as many who will read this can attest) that was racially, financially, and morally diverse.  I knew most of the people I went to school with, I was friends with all kinds of people, didn't judge, still don't, and lived my life. I am worried that we have gotten to the point that we are so afraid in this country to even say a name incorrectly (i.e. Native Americans vs American Indian or Indigenous- the last of which I would find insulting as it's vague).  

The turn I see happening in this great country of freedom is that instead of all of us being able to clearly, respectfully, speak our minds and come together, there is not only a clear division, but a shift in the chasm.  I find that the way the media portrays things is slanted one way or the other to benefit their outlet, different groups refer to each other disrespectfully and without regard as human beings, adding to the violence and terrorism that is already rampant and at our front door.  

This post was actually prompted by an article I read about putting President Obama's head on Mount Rushmore.  I am not going to get into that- although I am conservative and I voted (very strongly) for Mitt Romney.  The part that caught my attention was that there was a side article that mentioned that "we" the public should stop referring to our President as "Obama" but instead as "President Obama" as his title demands.  The funny thing is, I don't remember calling "President Reagan" by his formal title, nor "President Bush".  Does that mean I'm being disrespectful?  I don't believe so.  If I were to meet the President I would address him as Mr. President, but in conversation, in writing (formal or otherwise), as long as I'm being true to myself (in my case that means I will not be disrespectful to the leader of our nation), I feel that I can call him "Obama" and be just fine. 

Any title is earned.  By blood, sweat, and tears.  By the respect of one's people.  Those who feel it's inappropriate to address the President so informally when speaking about him, feel free to be as formal as you like.  

The irony here, and this was my point in writing that how can we be so concerned with titles and formalities when our families are falling apart, when the moral fiber of our country is hanging by a thread?  How much longer can we point the finger elsewhere.

You can worry all you want about whether to call those who originally settled this land now called America- Native Americans or American Indians....I will worry about whether my children know that I love them, that there is a God, that they are watching the correct material for their age, and that they are home every night for dinner.  

Not every family has to be like mine, and mine's not perfect...but stop getting so caught up in the less important things in life- the political correctness.  Just because someone wins an award or a title, does not make him a great man- it is what he does with that power that makes him a great man, the difference is that it is a privilege that is earned, not a right that is given.  

Let's not worry so much about offending others by what titles are proper and completely politically correct to the point that we can't even speak or don't even know what to call each other...and concentrate more on loving each other- unconditionally.  I am convinced if we do this, our country will become what it is destined to be; a great nation.

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