Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I'm in charge of...

I was reminded this morning while doing some meditating of wise words that my mother has used time and time again.  She has great one liners, and perhaps one day I will list them all for you (they're precious gems)...but today I just have one.

Don't allow others to determine how you're going to act.  It's a simple concept...we have our own free will, but not always an easy concept to apply.  I have found myself in situations where I've been hurt by others or had something come back to me that a person in my presence currently has said (in a derogatory way) and I've found myself being guarded, cold, and even rude in those situations in order to avoid repeating the same mistake I might have made in the past.  How sad that I've allowed others in the past to determine how I'm going to behave.  I really try to remember these words as well as think of what others who are better than myself would do; but that's not always easy or possible.

I make mistakes, I mess up, I drive with one leg up on the no means am I perfect.  One thing I do know though, is that I'm super aware of what I have done (especially when I've done it wrong) and I have the opportunity to correct it by not acting that way or saying that thing the next time.

If you feel you should reach out to someone who has given you the cold shoulder (even more than once), then do it.  If you want to apologize for your behavior and make another person aware of it (even if they may not be) then do it.  If you want to wash your hands of someone or a situation, remember that no action comes without consequence, positive or negative.

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