Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What a polite town Boston is

Coming to Boston, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only were they as educated and dapper as I had expected, but discreetly polite.  They aren't easily heard in conversation to one another, on the road when merging lanes, one car goes from the left, then from the right, people freely give directions, and all around Bostonians are just polite. 

I have enjoyed this city from a historical, cultural, and culinary perspective.  The fact that it's residents were accommodating in so many ways was just a perk.  

In my travels I don't always come across such a great city, but in many ways, I would call this my favorite in the US (or at least in my top 5).   Way to be Boston- proving that some things do come with age- refinement and elegance for sure being on your side. 


Julie said...

How funny! TJ told me Boston was the rudest city he'd ever been to! Hahahahaha! Must've been where he was staying...plus, he was there on business and I feel like you can never get a good feel for a place unless you spend some time outside of a hotel and a few restaurants! I made him promise that he'd take me there someday though! : )

frie said...

I am Brazilian and I lived in Boston for about one year and half and I really loved the city and its people , and in my opinion ,Boston is the best city , and the most beatiful in USA .Boston and its people are unforgetable

Paulo Emanuel