Friday, April 29, 2011

Crowd flocks to palace for Royals first kiss

Britain Shows us how to move with class

Ooops! For those of you who have already read this post, I apologize for having the incorrect link before, here is the proper video.  Enjoy!

I slept during the actual event this morning unlike some of my friends, so I didn't watch the entire event. But I have watched several of the highlights. I enjoyed watching this mass of people calmly walking toward Buckingham Palace. Having been down that road, I can appreciate the enormity of the crowd and as I was watching, I couldn't help but think that they were all being so polite as they were all vying for a spot to watch the new Royal couple kiss for the first time as man and wife in public. I wondered if, in America, we would all be so calm and accommodating to others while trying to get the best view. Just as I was wondering that to myself, Matt Lauer said it out loud. Here is the clip. Great commentary on civility, good manners, patience, and looking out for others around you. Great Britain happens to be a country that, when I visit, I admire for their hospitality and polite nature. They get their point across without infringing it on others.  What class!


Stacie said...

I highly doubt that most Americans would be so polite. We are so busy and wrapped up in the things in our lives that we barely have the patience to stand in line at the store, or even driving on the highways without freaking out on someone. I am not convinced that we could all come to such a huge gathering in such a manner. I wish we were more polite and courteous.

Necessary Inspiration said...

Love your blog...etiquette is lacking in the world for sure...I will be a frequent visitor. If you get a chance check out my new blog. I collected teacups & teapots for the last 11 years to use as favors/centerpieces for my daughters Bridal Shower...It was a big success!