Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Naughty or nice etiquette tip ten

Don't start decorating for the holidays until after Thanksgiving. Once Santa has passed by in the Macy's parade, you're good to go. Earlier than that, and it may seem as if you never bothered to take anything down from last year! This tip will be helpful for the upcoming year when I want to start listening to Christmas music in July (just kidding). Its true though, as much as Christmas is a wonderful holiday, we really as Americans need to give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves. I have, however, seen "Halloween" and "Thanksgiving" trees...whatever floats your boat. This year I did actually put up my decorations two days before Thanksgiving because we were leaving the state and would be gone for over a week and I knew I'd be coming home to holiday madness. My point is that there are always extenuating circumstances!

Merry Christmas to you all, have a wonderful holiday!



Penelope said...

Wow did Christmas get away from everyone the way it did for me this year. Perhaps it was because Thanksgiving was so late this year, but I was really behind for Christmas this year. I will really be aware of that next year. I agree with giving Thanksgiving the appropriate recognition and sometimes that's hard to do with all the Christmas "stuff" coming out by Halloween. I think I will strive to have all my gifts bought by Thanksgiving next year. Any other tips from anyone are really welcome.

James and Monica said...

I love that you wrote this!! I agree 100%!! But people keep wanting Christmas to come earlier and earlier.