Thursday, October 30, 2008

Look at my new blog design!


I have to thank Hannah Craner from Craner Design Studio, who has put forth a tremendous effort in order to capture my vision for The Pink Teapot. She took vague ideas and one picture and molded them into a beautiful (I'm a little biast) blog design that perfectly reflects my sentiments for The Pink Teapot. You will find her blog design button on my blog, where it will stay, and I would highly recommend working with her; as her designs are unique and classy.

Thank you again Hannah for all your help and for your patience with me as I tried to decide exactly what I wanted.

For everyone reading this on a reader, please come look at my blog, I think it's beautiful!



Anonymous said...

None of your buttons are working ie - email

Janine said...

Thank you. I realize that i was unclear about how exactly those buttons are supposed to work. The "email" button is designed to give you, the reader, my email address so that you can read it and then open your email application and write to me. I designed it that way so that spiders and other web crawlers cannot attain my email information for spam.

My "The Pink Teapot" button may be copied by clicking on the link "here" at the bottom of the "Love The Pink Teapot" button so that you can then get the html code to put on your "gadgets" bar on your blog.

As for the other buttons, they are actually titles, ie Blog archive, recommended reference, etc.

I do apologize for the inconvenience, there is definitely a learning curve for all my new "gadgets"

Thanks again for bringing these things to my attention!

Emily Garrett said...

It looks absolutely beautiful! (And, I totally knew that the titles on your sidebar were titles! I didn't think they were buttons.) It is so classy. I will have to go check out her design site.

Janine said...

Thank you Emily, I appreciate that; and I'm glad the titles are not confusing :-)

Ashley and Brett said...

Love the new look!! Its beautiful! I too understood the titles were titles and not buttons. Looks great!

Melonie said...

Beautiful design. Hannah did a wonderful job on your site!

Natalie said...

Looks great!