Monday, October 27, 2008

The Arts

I am a huge fan of fine arts. My husband works in this industry and I grew up performing in fine arts...I love all things that will enrich the culture we live in and things that are uplifting and thought provoking. I remember being little and going to events, I was so filled with excitement and passion for the music, that I wanted to clap every time they paused! Certainly our children should be taught these "rules" but you can't help but smile when your child jumps to their feet to applaud at the wrong time...I love that! Back to "Fine Arts etiquette"-
  1. Do not enter during a performance. If it is impossible to be seated before a program begins, wait quietly in the lobby or entrance aisles until a number has been completed or until intermission. Turn off cell phones...please please please!
  2. Do not leave during a performance. If necessity demands your leaving early, do so between numbers or at an intermission, and do it as inconspicuously as possible.
  3. Do not bring food or beverages into the theatre or concert hall unless your venue allows it. When consuming food and drink in the performance hall, please remove wrappers before the performance begins so that noise is minimized.
  4. Do not show disrespect for performers by reading, writing, talking, or placing feet on the chairs in front of you.
  5. Do applaud according to the dictates of the type of performance. For example, it is appropriate to applaud jazz soloist immediately upon the conclusion of the solo as well as for solos in musicals, but it is not appropriate to do so between movements of a symphony or sonata (the conductor or performer will usually stop and bow or curtsy so that you know when to applaud).
  6. Do be tolerant of performers who may make an error or who may not share your talent and/or opportunity for expression. Assume that each performer is doing his/her best - for indeed, most of them are - and that each one needs your understanding and support.
  7. Do refrain from taking flash pictures during a performance. Pictures that do not involve a flash may be taken only with prior approval of the faculty sponsor.
  8. Do make every effort to attend performances in art areas other than your own. Each is directly related to the other. None of us can consider ourselves to be artists or educated citizens if our knowledge and experiences are limited to those of only one discipline.
  9. Pay careful attention to the "rules" at your venue; if there are no children allowed, find out the age requirements. If there is no smoking, please refrain until you have exited the building.

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Jennifer and Jason Young said...

super good post! we are taking the girls to the nutcracker matinee and sugar plum fairy tea party if you want to join us and practice our etiquette! Ruthie's Birthday Dec. 13th! xo