Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let's get down to business!

Here are some basic, and I do mean basic...things that you can do in business to make a good first impression. It makes no difference if you are on a job interview or meeting a client for the first time, these rules always apply:

  • Look presentable- clean clothes, hair "arranged", hands clean (I'm a freak about clean hands when I shake so many!). Your appearance is the first thing that people will notice and they will start do determine whether or not they like you. "Dress shabbily they notice the dress. Dress impeccably they notice the woman." So true!
  • Have the address and phone number of the place you are meeting...and the cell phone number of the person with whom you are meeting.
  • Be punctual! This is critical. Being on time shows respect for the other person's time.
  • Know everyone's names in the meeting and how to pronounce them.
  • Have what you need, not the whole world. I often will bring a briefcase but not my purse. Also a notebook and pen (one that works!)
Five more essentials:
  • Shake hands with everyone in the room
  • Look people in the eye
  • When you shake hands say, "Hello, nice to meet you; nice to see you again"
  • When introducing yourself, say your name clearly and slowly
  • Always smile!


christie said...

Thanks for the great advice!

Ritch in Love said...

Congrats on being the Friday Favorite. I love your blog! I added your button to my blog. I'll be back!

Michelle said...

Just wanted to add that the handshake is almost just as important. A limp handshake says a lot about a person, as does a firm handshake. You really don't need to "pump" in your handshake, and you really want to try to lock the fold of your thumb with that of the person's hand you are shaking. I can't stand it when I got to shake a woman's (or a man's) hand, and they offer you just their fingers or their hand feels like a wet noodle in your hand. (Sweaty hands are also VERY gross.)

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. (I hope you didn't already cover this somewhere else, and I missed it...)

P.S. Found you from SITS. Enjoy your day in the sun!

Birth Mom of Adoption said...

Thought I'd comment on this post instead to even it out some..
Love the Blog and that DESIGN!!

Serahs said...

Congrats on being a Friday's Favorite! Great advice. I know your advice is for corporate/business meetings. I just wanted to make mention that if you are going on an audition, don't shake hands with everyone in the room because directors, casting directors, writers, producers do not want to shake your hand unless you get the part. They see hundreds of people a day and find shaking hands with all of them to be nasty.

One more thing you might want to blog about if you haven't already, there's a software called TipQuik for Palm Treo users that helps them know what to tip when they're out on the town.

Again, congrats!