Monday, September 22, 2008

Condolance Cards

"I always struggle with condolence cards even for acquaintances or very close family. Have any suggestions for me?!"

My good friend posted this question and I'd love to help her out. Condolence cards can be a difficult thing because we may not know what to say and what to avoid saying. Take a look at my Bereavement post as well as You've got mail under "other kinds of letters" for some suggestions.

When writing a condolence card whether for someone you know well or someone you don't know very well, the only rule is to be sincere. I think the things that I suggested under the Bereavement post (what we shouldn't say and what we should say instead) are good guidelines to follow. Honor the person who has passed away and if you want to say you are sorry for their loss, that is acceptable too.

When in doubt, keep it brief. Sometimes it doesn't matter what is said in a note to me because I can feel the person's love for me and I'm grateful they were thinking of me; and it's always better to write something than to think, "oh they wouldn't want to hear from me".

Good luck sweetie, you always know what to say and do, I'm sure it will be perfect!

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Jennifer and Jason Young said...

That helps so much! Thanks bunches. BTW where is this short hair I am supposed to check out?