Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Airplane Etiquette 101

Here are some basic things that always apply while traveling on a plane:

  1. If you have an aisle seat, keep your elbow or knee from extending into the aisle; this is a good way to preserve your extremities as well as give everyone else some room.
  2. If the person on the aisle is sleeping and you need to get out of your seat, softly say, "excuse me" and tap them if necessary. It's perfectly fine to wake them, just do it gently.
  3. Be understanding if the person next to you needs to repeatedly use the restroom; they may have a medical problem that means frequent trips. You might consider switching seats for both your comfort.
  4. Keep any work or other materials from extending into the seats next to you.
  5. Don't snoop
  6. Keep noise to a minimum, whether talking to someone or reading a book to a child. Being heard on an airplane does require raising your voice, but you needn't shout. If your child is playing a video or computer game, keep the volume on low or bring headphones.
  7. Don't stay too long in the restroom. The full makeover can wait until you land. Always make sure you leave the restroom clean; wiped down, trash thrown away.
  8. Try not to block the view of people watching the movie. If you need something from the overhead bin, grab it quickly.
  9. If you have a bulkhead seat, don't put your feet on the wall, even though it's carpeted, it's not a floor.

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Ritch in Love said...

I'm a flight attendant. And I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed this post. Another thought to remember is: Treat the flight attendants as you would want others to treat you. We are there for your safety, first. And please remember to say "Please" and "Thank You" when being served. It makes such a difference! You would be surprised how many people do not use those words when speaking to "the hired help." (As I was so lovingly referred to awhile back!)