Thursday, July 31, 2008

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

I can't help it with the's just in my head. I have included a link so you can listen while you read!

Destination weddings are at an all time high. Since the day is about the Bride and Groom, they choose to have their wedding in dream like places like The Bahamas, Hawaii, islands off the coasts of Europe...Somewhere over the Rainbow! Here are some practical tips both for the Bride and Groom and the guests!
For the Bride & Groom:
  • It's important to inform your guests of your plans as far in advance as possible.
  • Consider your guests' abilities to pay for their flight and hotel (guest responsibility).
  • If your wedding is outside the country, check with the state department and provide your guests with all the informational paperwork.
  • Have a "Plan B" just in case your plans don't work out (especially if you're planning out of the country).
For the Guests:
  • It is your responsibility to pay for your travel and accommodations (and yes, you should still bring a gift).
  • I can't say enough about RSVP (ing). This is crucial if you are invited to any wedding but especially if you are invited to a wedding far away from home...they are not inexpensive events to put on.
  • A "Save the Date" card may go out well in advance of the wedding; if this is the case, mark it down and plan accordingly, these events are usually planned well in advance.
A Note about "Save the Date" cards: Save the date cards are usually mailed out three to four months before the wedding, however, if travel is required, these cards may be mailed out much earlier. These cards may be mailed to only those who must make travel arrangements, or to everyone if the bride and groom prefer. For formal affairs, these cards are printed on standard size invitation stationary to match your invitations. For a less formal affair, they may be printed on other paper, even color. The wording is traditionally as follows:

Please save the date of
Saturday, August 16, 2008
(or for formal) Saturday, the sixteenth of August, two thousand and eight
for the wedding of
Jessica Magleby
Richard Peterson
(or full names for a formal card)
invitations to follow (this line is optional)
Mr. and Mrs. Magleby (hosts-both parents may be used if the cost is being split)

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