Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The power of a handshake

I was watching a show the other day and saw a woman shake a man's hand with her fingers only (dainty, very 1890's) for this post we'll call it the Lobster Claw.  I was intrigued.  I wondered if I had missed something and some women were now trying to reverse their roles in society and I had not gotten the memo.  I did some research, read some articles, sourced a couple of good books, and came to find that it's really a preference; but one not to be taken lightly.

Women in business, in particular, should shake hands "like a man" or traditionally.  There should be no difference between a solid handshake between male or female when there is some sort of professional relationship.  When it's pleasure or personal, you have a choice.  Personally, I shake hands one way, but if women want to shake hands with men "fingers to palm" that's up to them.

I was in a meeting yesterday and when I met the people with whom I had the appointment, I shook both their hands traditionally.  It's a reflex.  I didn't think about it.  This article provides some feedback and opinions about "the business handshake" for both men and women.  Women in social settings might hug, air kiss each cheek (used to be much more European than American), or shake hands in social situations.

This video shows some ways to shake and not shake hands, specifically speaking about business handshakes.  Personally I feel that shaking hands the "business way" is always my best choice unless I'm hugging or kissing someone.  It shows I'm confident, outgoing, and that I'm serious.

Being an extrovert I like shaking hands palm to palm.  I feel more connected and studies show that you're twice as likely to remember the person if you shake their hand.  My two cents.


LeadNotFollow said...

I hate when men have the lobster claw handshake! As a female, I also hate when business men reach to shake my hand first. Personally, I think we should outlaw it all together. It really doesn't make any sense and it spreads germs.

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