Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Help my best friend and her family

My best friend's husband was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease.  Not only is this close to my heart because I love this family, but my mother in law has Lyme disease and it has crippled her (physically, not emotionally thank goodness).  My mother in law has had Lyme for over 19 years and I've seen its devastating affects on it's victims first hand.  I plead with you to contribute whatever you can to help Jon get the treatment he needs that is not covered by insurance.  Many insurance companies consider anything other than antibiotics "alternative" and although I'm sure he will continue to be on antibiotics, it runs much deeper.  They have four amazing and beautiful children and Eddislynn (Ed) runs a million miles an hour trying to raise her family.  Any and all donations and well wishes are appreciated. 

Thank you my readers.  You're the best!


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