Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday courtesies

With some holidays behind us and other fast approaching, I thought I'd talk about some things we all might want to consider during this busy time of year that might help things go a little more smoothly during work parties, social gatherings, and that one family party (you know the one I mean).  Here is my first segment which is more introspective:

- Always have an attitude of gratitude.  If we walk into a situation feeling negative, it not only impacts us, but leeks onto those around us.  Think of things to be grateful for this time of year and carry those things with you, even if you have write them down and keep them in your pocket,  a grateful attitude will affect how you treat others in the market, at parties, and in your everyday work and home life.

-A smile never hurt anyone.  I was in the market the other day and caught someone's eye. I gave them a smile and she lit right up and smiled back.  I have no idea what her day was like before or after that, but it made me feel good to genuinely share my happiness with someone else.

-There's no room for being a Bah Humbug!  On that same market trip, I walked up to get in a line to purchase my two, yes, two items, and I heard someone yelling.  I didn't pay attention at first until he said, HEY LADY, THERE'S A LINE!"  I turned around and apologized profusely but it was too late, he was scowling and angry with me, muttering bad words under his breath.  He quickly went ahead of me to put his basket full of groceries on the belt (it's one of those new line things where you all branch off so I couldn't tell there was a line).  My husband grabbed me tight and assured me I had done nothing wrong as did a sweet lady next to me who commented "he doesn't have much to be grateful for" (See suggestion 1) and I was OK until I left the store (at which point my kids informed me that at home my five y.o. had pulled down our completely decorated 10 foot tree (but no one was harmed, just the tree and the ornaments)- I lost it a little bit and cried quietly on the way home.  My point is, you never know how you may affect others.  Being in a hurry is no excuse to be rude.  We all have days where we wish the person in front of us would go a little faster or let us go ahead, but five minutes hasn't killed me yet (although being about 10 seconds late the other day did save my life...another story for another day).

*Remember also when slowing down (or thinking about not slowing down for the pedestrian) that it's winter (here at least) and it's really cold- it isn't really that difficult to sit in your nice warm car for 2 extra minutes while letting another person pass by your car to enter a store or cross the street in the freezing cold?

My two cents!

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Barbie and Kyle said...

Thank you for this post! I think we all need a simple reminder that we can work a little harder to be kind and thoughtful to others.