Monday, December 14, 2009

Facebook Etiquette

I found this fantastic article and thought that I'd share it with you! Here are some great tips for proper Facebook etiquette:

  1. Try to remember to reply to personal messages. Sometimes we forget, but if you've forgotten in the past, try to be better.
  2. Keep applications to yourself, they can be cumbersome and annoying at times.
  3. Keep events "private" unless all of your Facebook friends are invited or it's an open invitation.
  4. Say nothing if you can't say anything nice. Once it's on Facebook it's on the internet forever. It's true that there is no such thing as deleting something from the internet.
  5. Try not to delete friends from your profile unless they are breaking the Facebook rules of etiquette. If not out of consideration for their feelings, then to avoid an awkward encounter with them in the future.
The article in it's entirety is linked above. These are simple ideas that when followed, make everyone around us (including us) feel more comfortable.


Jennifer and Jason Young said...

love these tips! this has really been on my mind! do I have to respond to comments on photos and statuses are those considered personal messages? xoxo

Janine said...

Jennifer- good question. You are not obligated in my opinion to respond to every photo comment or status comment- however if someone leaves you a wall post- I would consider that a personal message and try to respond personally. I hope that helps.

Business Communcation said...

Alas! Thanks for writing this. I think another good point is that we must be careful how often we update. It may make some of us appear not to have any serious occupation at all- Facebook is still a public site. Even as much as we try to secure our privacy, we do put ourselves out there! Its better that people do not know our every move or can assume better of what they do not know.

Rochelle said...

thanks, great tips!