Saturday, September 19, 2009

Heavenly Hostess Giveaway Winner!

This has been so much fun! I loved writing about being a good hostess as well as hosting this giveaway. It was a true pleasure for me. The winner of this giveaway is Julie who said, "I blogged about the giveaway on my personal blog! Count me in for another entry!" Congratulations Julie! What a fun apron you have to cook (or not to cook) in!
(the reason that the random generator says 1-72 is that there was a deleted comment that I cannot count)


Amy said...

She's my cousin!! I'm glad you won!!!

Princess Of Pink said...

JUST found your blog and love it :) I was browsing the internet for PINK TEAPOTS and your blog was one that came up too, lol. I am SO glad, I love the color pink lol

Hugs from the Netherlands, Marian

Penelope said...

Congrats Julie, I am so happy for you. You must post a picture of you in it for us all to see. Happy hosting

Julie said...

I'm so so so so so so excited!!!!! Thank you a ton! And Penelope...I will post a picture!