Monday, April 6, 2009

It's just another manic Monday...

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it!~ Franklin P Jones

Now I'll tread lightly here since I was just barely late getting breakfast made for Sunday morning when my family arrived; again proving that I'm not perfect!  I've done a lot of reading and it's sad to read how these days instead of being "fashionably late", people just flat out don't show up to events they've promised to attend without a phone call or email.  I attended one such event the other night. A prominent businessman was speaking and called out his friends who had promised to be in attendance but had not even bothered to show up.  This happened to be one of those times where we were 1/2 hour early.  I like to be early to greet others as they arrive and to absorb the feel of the room.  

In contrast, I was heading with a group of ladies to dinner the other night and we were supposed to meet at 6pm and I didn't get there until 6:08.  I know what you're thinking, that's not a cardinal sin...but I was late, not early.  Now I had excuses in my head, I had to drop off one child at practice, drop off a friend at their home....but these are not excuses.  I'm not sitting here beating myself up, it's just a call to reality.  

Here's the reality, are you ready?  

We do the best we can.  In my mind, if we're going to be late, we usually know it on our way to our destination.  Call, text, send a homing pigeon...let that person know that you're going to be late and apologize.  Also let them know to get started without you if they need to.

Try your best to plan out your day so that you don't have so much to do that you are always late to everything.  There are several things we enjoy being early to, in fact, everything, but often it sets the of calm and peace instead of panic and anxiety.  Plan well and don't cram.

Follow through.  Do what you say you're going to do.  This isn't always possible.  Things come up, health, weather, etc.  but when something does come up, again have the integrity to call or email and let that person know that something has come up so that they know you care enough to have made the effort; but try to make your commitments.

All the clocks in my home (except for those darn satellite clocks) are set 12 minutes ahead.  I like it that way.  Yes I know it, but it still keeps me thinking about the time and I'm always a little ahead.  

The basic moral of the story is that we've all gotten too busy...busy with I don't know what...just life.  We need to slow down just a bit, re-prioritize, and make time for what's important.  Then we'll find that though we may not be 15 minutes early for lunch, we will feel better about what we're spending our time doing.

Here is a great article on the importance of punctuality and what it says about us!


Nicol said...

This is a pet peeve of mine. I hate being late and I hate when people are late. I don't care whether it is for the doctor, a child's game or an event. Sometime things do happen. We are experiencing a large amount of road construction and even if I leave an extra 10 min early sometimes I am early and sometimes late. I try to always call.

Laura said...

Thanks for the great reminder. When I was dancing in college, I always showed up early to class and even our super early morning rehearsals on Saturdays. I didn't want to waste anyone else's time. There are definitely times when you can't do much about being late, but it's selfish when you arrive late and it could have been easily avoided.

Katie said...

Oh goodness. I feel very convicted by this post. I am perpetually late. Thank you for the reminder that it is very rude of me. I really do need to work on it!

Miss Janice said...

I'm definitely guilty of this sometimes! Ooops!

Chablis said...

Oh, yes. This is a big deal for me. In high school I was a "drill team girl", and a leader at that. So, the horribleness (I'm sure that's not a word) of being late was drilled into my head for 4 years. I've always been known for my punctuality, however, since my third child showed up my middle name has been "late". Still, a phone call is always a good idea.

Dirty Fingernails said...

This is also a pet peeve of mine. Esp. when I am hosting a dinner and my in laws are ALWAYS 30-45 min late. So we solved that, We always tell them the wrong time. An hour before the dinner is to start..

Brittany said...

Hi Janine!
I am a fan of your site!

I wanted to let you know that I am awarding you with the "I'm a Fan of Your Site" award!

If you accept awards, please visit my blog to pick it up. :)

Thank you for giving such fabulous advice, and sharing your etiquette knowledge!