Monday, February 23, 2009

Technilogically savvy

Let's chat (I imagine over a cup of about technology etiquette. This is a vast topic that I cannot hope to cover in one day, but I'm going to hit some key points and reference some great articles.

Cell phones- I love my cell phone so that I can connect to the world when I need to and my children can get a hold of me anytime, but it has its limitations. My parents don't care for texting as a method of communication, and frankly, it took some convincing for me to like it, but I do text. I have fallen into the trap however of texting things that should have been said face-to-face or at least over the phone; a lesson well learned for me. Here are some texting tips and other cell phone tips.

Blogging-I hope that I haven't infringed on any of these, but nonetheless, unedited, here they are; the best blogging etiquette tips that I have found. There are so many kind of blogs out there for so many purposes.

Facebook and other social websites- This was the best and most simple list I came across and although when you click on the link you'll find more people who didn't like the article, I liked it, so if you value my opinion, you won't be disappointed.

Email- This has become our new letter-writing. I remember the days when letters back and forth still were something worth waiting for; now its more the mentality of, "facebook message me, text me, or email me". Where has personal communication gone? I like email and again, it's not email itself that's the problem, but how we use it. Here are the ten things you never put in an email...a fail safe.
Instead, you can check out this list for some ideas that are meant for professional emails but extend to any email that you are sending, it doesn't matter to whom or for what reason.

Common courtesy always applies but sometimes we can get lost. I am a very social person so perhaps my downfall would be to share too much on a social website or something to that effect. We all have our pitfalls, it's always a good thing to have a list of reminders we can refer to!


Jamie said...

Oooh, thanks for all of the great articles...I'm off to visit the blogging one for sure. Need to make sure I'm being courteous to my bloggy pals, hehe.

Jamie :-)

Alix said...

Hi Janine,
Your blog is very nice and full of precious advices. I was raised to be well-mannered and I sometimes need to be reminded of some rules :)

Thank you,

Mrs. Priss said...

Thank you for this!

Nicol said...

These were a great reminder!

garrettmyler said...

Chain e-mails forwarded by my gullible friends and not using 'BCC for mass e-mails really irks me.

If you haven't seen it yet, I posted a comical rant of what I call "web-tegrity" on my blog: