Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Party

Here are a few tips for any party, but I think with the ensuing new years festivities, we could all use a little reminder/refresher course on our party etiquette.

Greet guests at the door.
Be cheerful and pleasant at all times.
Introduce everybody to each other.
Keep the food and drinks coming.
Keep circulating making sure everyone is engaged.
Have at least one planned activity.
If children are coming, have kid friendly food and an activity planned.
Pay attention to your guests needs.


Penelope said...

Good advice and I hope everyone has a safe, yet fun New Years. We used to love to go to the Beach on New Year's day because it was so warm and beautiful in Santa Monica.....and everyone was hung over from the night no one is there. Who said there weren't perks to NOT drinking....and who said you can't have fun unless you drink....think again.

Anonymous said...

I would add "take their coats after greeting them" as often you are left alone to try and figure where to put your coat! (I live in a cold climate!) Love your blog!

Janine said...

I love that, it's very true. Either you offer to take their coat after you greet them or you direct them to the "room" or closet where they may place their coat, great idea!

Business Communications Training said...

Any resources for party ideas and notes on bad party ideas?