Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Naughty or nice etiquette tip seven

If you're creating a holiday "newsletter" to send with cards, keep your readers in mind. Newsletters should be short (a page or less) and sweet. Keep them upbeat — most people don't want to hear about your dental surgery. On the other hand, avoid turning your letter into a brag sheet. Saying, "Sam and I were lucky enough to visit Europe — at long last!" is low-key and friendly. But "Sam and I spent a week at a deluxe French spa and were utterly pampered" screams "Don't you wish you were us?" Personalize each copy with a handwritten salutation and always sign your name. Also, be sure you're sending the newsletter only to people who are genuinely interested in your family news. Try a "top 10 reasons we're grateful" letter or a funny poem about silly things you've all said this past I said, keep it light and keep your readers in mind...remember, do unto others, right?

A quick insert with your Christmas card with a blog address (if you have one) is a great way to allow people to keep up with your happenings without making them feel obligated to read the letter you've sent them. I apologize if our letters were every boring or overly informative...the blog will hopefully take care of that!


Katie said...

What a great idea to include your blog address, that way I don't have to recreate a lot of what I've already written. I'll definitely remember this for next year.
Also SHOCKED to hear that a shower gift doesn't require a thank you note. I think that's one that's always required.

Janine said...


So true, I hardly ever let a verbal thanks be my only thanks, but it's important to remember that it's not necessary, just a nicety. It is, however, necessary if you are receiving gifts from your registry at home (being delivered) to send a written thank you note. Have a wonderful day!