Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Class of etiquette-I need feedback.

I wanted to know the definition of "Class". What does it mean when you say someone has "class"? is it something that one can attain or is it an inherent quality that you are born with? I will leave this question open to you all...I want to know what your thoughts are.


Jennifer and Jason Young said...

Throughout history people have been distinquished by societal classes they are born into that limit them. I am grateful for the blessing of opportunity and the period of time which I live in. Today, I feel that class is a manner in which someone carries themself during social interactions. Particularly, how one is able show courtesy and kindness in every situation including ones where you might feel slighted. I also think that being classy can include romantic femininity. Thank heavens I am young and can improve upon this measure of a woman because telling the crossing guard you will think about following her nazi regime at the carpool dropoff is not well-mannered!

My top 5 classy ladies:

1. My mom-gracious & well-manicured
2. Oprah
3. Janine's manners & Steph's style
4. Audrey Hepburn's style
5. My nannie had the best manners and always wore lipstick!

Janine said...

You're too gracious...I don't deserve to be on anyone's top five classy ladies list. I love your perspective on class. Keep the comments coming ladies!

Melodie said...

I love your blog! There's a little award for you over at my blog that proves it.

Deanna said...

Someone who recognizes her faults, but effectively strives to be more like Jesus every day is the epitome of class to me.