Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Top ten email don'ts

Cidco Communications conducted a recent survey to ask people what they thought the most offensive email "transgressions" were. These are great tips for all of us.
  1. Forwarding an off color joke
  2. Detailing a personal mishap
  3. Writing a message in all capital letters (equivalent of shouting)
  4. Spreading gossip ( a no no anyway)
  5. Discussing personally sensitive issues
  6. Criticizing another person
  7. Complaining about work or one's boss
  8. Using email to dodge discussing difficult issues face-to-face
  9. Going into detail about your own or another person's health problems
  10. Arguing with family or friends
Another thing that I have found helpful to curb the number of forwards I get, is to simply write an email to everyone saying something like, "Unfortunately, it's impossible for me to read anything but business messages and personal notes, so I'd appreciate it if you would take my name off your jokes list. But I enjoy hearing from you, so please don't hesitate to write!" This makes your point clear without being offensive. The forwards that I do receive end up being notes of inspiration and uplifting stories every now and then, not on a daily basis.

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dicity said...

I wish you luck with asking to be taken off someones joke list.

I did this several years ago with someone I thought a friend and she still won't speak to me.