Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can we say awkward?

I think at one time or another we've all been in situations that make us feel uncomfortable, either because someone has just put their foot in their mouth, or maybe because we don't get along with the particular person who's company we are sharing. Let's talk about what to do when you encounter one of these situations. I've posted on what to do when someone says something tacky or rude...but what about just being in a situation where you have to be with them?

In many situations, there are past hurts or offenses that cause anger and resentment, or just a need to protect ourselves and our family...this is not wrong, but we must examine those patterns in our lives and try to strive for harmonious relationships. If this person cannot be forgiven (I personally don't believe in that though, it will ruin you in the end), then the best thing to do is avoid situations where you might encounter them. This doesn't mean you can't go where they are, but you need not seek out conversation. It is important however, that if they do talk to you, you are cordial and polite. Let me quote Peggy Post (Emily Post's daughter who has carried on the etiquette tradition) "Kill 'em with kindness. By keeping your cool, you're teaching by example, much as a parent does for a child. good behavior is catching; the more you display it, the more it spreads. This doesn't mean becoming a doormat; it does mean you can diffuse a situation without wrangling over who's right and who's wrong."

She pretty much sums it up for me, I'll be talking about this for the rest of the week. What are your thoughts?