Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome home

For extended guests and the hosts of those guests, there are some special things to consider. Extended visits are almost always for family who stay a week or more.

Suggestions for hosts:
  • If you are invited somewhere and you have someone staying with you, it's not appropriate to ask if they can come with you, especially to a dinner where a head count is needed. You may say, "I'm sorry I won't be able to attend-my sister is staying with us". This allows the host to invite your sister, or to say that they are sad they will miss you.
  • Plan with your guest how you will handle routines (school, shopping, date night) and decide whether you will do these things together or separately.
  • Offer the use of your computer so your guest may check their email and access the internet.
  • Give your guest permission to use the washer/dryer whenever they'd like.
Suggestions for guests:
  • It is important that your host doesn't feel obligated to entertain you, let them know that this is not their job and then find things to entertain yourselves.
  • A thoughtful guest will not always sit in on conversations, but will allow the family time alone together by taking a walk, a nap, or spending time in their room occasionally.
  • Helping with routines (as mentioned above) ensures that the host does not become overwhelmed with responsibilities that are added by your stay.
Overall, if both guest and host are thinking of the other person first (a great motto to live our lives by) then we will surely be acting appropriately. You see, it doesn't matter whether you live in a cottage or a palace, it's your warmth as a host and your warmth as a guest that will determine the success of the visit.

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