Thursday, August 14, 2008

Change the subject please!

I knew there were certain things that I didn't want to share with other people, especially if they weren't close friends...but here is a list of subjects that (except for rare circumstances) should not be brought up.
  1. Illness in detail- If you are going to say something about your illness, keep it brief but remember that it puts the other person in an awkward position to either ask questions or remain silent; both of which can be uncomfortable.
  2. Finances- in general this topic is to be left alone as well. How much something cost you, how much money you make, etc.
  3. Other people- as I wrote about the other day, this subject is best avoided, it will only hurt others and yourself. Stick to topics that are enlightening and uplifting...everyone will come away from the conversation feeling better rather than guilty.
If we can follow these simple guidelines, we will find ourselves pondering those things which matter most and sharing them.

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